Disaster recovery for protection & peace of mind

When running a business, it is essential that you are prepared for any type of cyber attack, power outage, network failure or anything that may affect your data. To allow your business to continue functioning in the event of a disaster, you need to be proactive. Integral IT Management will provide you with a customised solution to allow you always to be one step ahead of potential IT disasters. Our disaster recovery service enables you to quickly and easily recover all your business’ most important information. This means you are back up and running within minutes and not hours or days, continuing to operate systems even as you recover from an outage.

Online and offline threats

Many businesses don’t take the time to plan for disaster and as a result they are unprepared for a major incident. From weather disasters including rain, hail and floods to hacks, viruses and power failure, there are many online and offline threats putting your business and data at risk. Most commonly, these ‘disasters’ are caused by users themselves, with around 70-80% of errors caused by human error. Regardless of how it happened, our DR solution can fix the things that slip through the cracks. Whether you need to recover a file, a large database, or an entire server, it’s easy when you have a professional disaster recovery strategy in place.

What is a disaster recovery plan?

Having a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place helps organisations to prepare for disruptive events, whether it be caused by a natural disaster like a hurricane, as a result of technical failures such as a power outage or human factors such as sabotage or simple human error. A DR plan consists of the policies and procedures that your business will follow when IT services are disrupted. The Integral IT Management team will help you organise your thoughts, ask the right questions, and develop a strategy to build a DR plan that is closely aligned with your business.

How does it work?

Integral IT Management will provide you with a fully encrypted solution. We store a copy of your data off-site that is protected with an encrypted key and its up to you how frequently you want to restore this data. Our data recovery service allows you to recover critical data quickly, regardless of your infrastructure. Our comprehensive disaster recovery solution automatically backs up an encrypted copy of your data to a secure data centre in Australia. Disaster recovery differs from a backup, which can retrieve files and folders only. DR downloads everything and will work the same way as before.

We provide your business with:

  • DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)
  • Managed disaster recovery
  • Laptop and computer disaster recovery software
  • Secure cloud-based storage
  • Pre-staged recovery
  • Cost efficient services