Making cyber security simple

With around 43 percent of cyber attacks targeted at small businesses just like yours, now is the time to prepare. But cyber security goes well beyond simply installing antivirus protection on your computers. In fact, cyber attacks are now such a serious problem in Australian that you are legally obliged to report an online security breach to the ACSC. Your cyber security strategy should include processes and practices designed to protect all your computers, programs, networks and data from attack, damage or unauthorised access. Don’t let your business fall victim to ransomware. At Integral IT Management, we know how to keep you safe.

Protecting you from cyber-attack

All businesses that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information must be PCI compliant, meaning they must act in accordance with the security standards outlined by the Security Standards Council. At Integral, we provide intelligent, fully encrypted security solutions that help you be proactive when it comes to cyber security. Our services are designed to strengthen your cyber defences and prevent security breaches, with the ability to detect malicious activity in real time. We prioritise and rapidly respond to security breaches while anticipating emerging threats. Elements of our cyber security service includes:

  • Application Security
  • Information & Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Operational Security
  • End-user Education

A proactive approach to cyber security

One of the biggest issues with cyber security is the quick and constantly evolving nature of security threats. It takes a combination of the latest human expertise and continuously improving technology to comprehensively predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats. Advised by a team of specialists at Monash University, we’re constantly adapting and changing as new threats arise, so that we can give you the right tools to monitor possible threats. We can offer your business not only data protection, but also a Disaster Recovery site, so you can keep your business running smoothly.

We’re your partner in security

Choosing the right cyber security partner is critical. Once we begin working with you, it doesn’t take us long to identify the security gaps or vulnerabilities your organisation may have. But that’s just the first step. It’s what we do next that is important for the long-term security of your organisation and your peace of mind — we customise a solution that is right for you. A partnership with Integral IT Management allows for you to focus on what’s really important at all times, your customer.

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, you could be under cyber attack:

  • Slow internet or session dropouts
  • Reduced system speed and performance
  • Unable to access certain files
  • Missing data

Ask yourself if you’re protected:

  • Are you monitoring your networks?
  • Do you have a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution in place?
  • Have your staff been educated by an IT security professional?